Pancake Day


Happy Pancake Day!Sorry post is a day late but hey you all know how it is so much to do not enough hours in the day. Here’s Zoe and I making pancakes. Zoe loves cooking and she’s got really good at cracking eggs now so no more crunchy pancakes for us!


Hello world!

So this is my first post as the founder and sole employee of Because I said so.  Just a little info about me.  My name’s Sam, I have a degree in fashion and worked in the industry when I first graduated but gave it up when I had my daughter and moved to the seaside to get a job that worked around being a single mum.

Now my daughter is in Pre-School and I’m reclaiming my former fashion life back.  But I want to do it my way!  I want to make fashion for people like me, mums and mums-to-be that don;t want to become frumpy and dress in boring “mum clothes”.  I want to get as excited about my clothes as my little girl does, clothes that make me smile, make me laugh but can also handle the practicalities required for a busy mum.  So that is what I aim to offer.  I’m starting small so bear with me, I hope to lave a much bigger range to offer you soon.

Wish me luck, here it goes x